Welcome to ResourceWeb, an area specifically designed for Camp Ambassadors and Congregational Professionals. You'll find resources to help promote camp in your congregation and ways to get involved in the Eisner and Crane Lake Camp community. Email eisnercranelake@urj.org if you have any suggestions for this area. If you would like to share your ideas with other Ambassadors or ask questions, please email eisnercranelakeambassadors@gmail.com.

CONSECRATION PROGRAM - $200 Discount for First-Time Families

Each Spring, we email all of our congregations a PDF of our Consecration Certificate and information about our Consecration program. Any camper who is consecrated can use the certificate for $200 off of their first summer at Eisner, Crane Lake or 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy! This $200 can also be combined with the OneHappyCamper.org incentive grant, so campers can get up to $1200 off their first summer at camp. All we ask in return is that you speak from the bima at consecration about the importance of camp! Email us at eisnercranelake@urj.org if you have any questions about the program.

New and Prospective Camper Weekend

Campers in grades 2-5 can experience all the fun and ruach of camp! Campers will sleep in Eisner’s heated cabins and spend time at both Eisner and Crane Lake. Campers will even have a chance to do some science activities to get a little taste of 6 Points Sci-Tech! Parents have the opportunity to tour Eisner and Crane Lake during the weekend as well. The price for the weekend is $200, and if the camper is registered for camp by January 1 of the year they are attending camp, $100 will go towards the camper’s summer tuition. Last year a number of congregations sponsored their campers to join for the weekend. Let us know if you'd like to partner and cover the cost for your campers to attend! Remember, if they sign up for camp by January 1, $100 goes toward their summer tuition!

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