All the magic, the fun, the singing at the top of their lungs. The staying up way too late, the inside jokes, the Shabbats, the growth. The new experiences, old traditions, all the things that make camp so special. We all have a hand in ensuring our campers have the opportunity to explore and grow. They cheer, sing, hike, create, swim, learn and develop lifelong relationships. It takes a community to support and maintain this sacred and safe space, our summer Bubble.

Give the gift of Camp!

Whether you pitch in with your hands, like our Young Leaders Alumni group, as a parent readying to send their camper for the first time or for the umpteenth time, or you are a donor whose generosity provides the means for our camps to be the inclusive, diverse and the kehilah kedoshah (sacred community) it is by supporting our scholarship program, you can help make a difference in a campers life!

When you invest in Eisner and Crane Lake Camps you're investing in the future of camp. Whether you choose to give to our Scholarship Fund, Annual Fund or Chai Monthly Giving, you are living our mission and saying hineini – here I am. These pivotal Jewish camp experiences help our camp family and builds engagement with our younger generations, strengthening the Jewish future for years to come.


Our campers and staff need a place to be their best selves, to find their people, to belong. As we head back to the Bubble, we are always looking to you to help camp shine bright for future campers! We hope you’ll consider a donation to help us ensure that every child who wants to come to camp is able to join us and make memories that last a lifetime. Your donation helps to grow and strengthen our camp community, and ensure a strong Jewish future!

For more information about opportunities to give, please reach out to our Development Director, Ray Kimmelblatt, or call us at (201) 722-0400.