The MACHON SUMMER LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE at Eisner and Crane Lake Camps is an intensive values-based leadership development program. It is designed for hardworking individuals looking to challenge themselves and actively engage in their own growth within a Jewish context throughout the summer and the school-year. Through the lens of Jewish values, Machonikim will discover what it means to become a productive and successful member of the camp staff community, explore their Jewish identities, and gain valuable skills as Jewish leaders. Learning will take place through a variety of modalities including, but not limited to, group activities, formal learning seminars, observations, and hands-on opportunities. This experience will inspire Machonikim to transition from simply being consumers of the camp experience to becoming co-creators of their own and others’ Jewish experiences during the summer and beyond.

First Session

During the first four weeks of the summer, Machonikim will participate in experiential and thought-provoking programs focused on counselor training and leadership development through a Jewish lens. Programs and activities will provide Machonikim with opportunities for authentic skill-building and ongoing reflection. By the end of the summer, Machonikim will know which Jewish values inspire them and how to share those values with others in a meaningful way. Even more, Machonikim will be able to create meaningful Jewish experiences (including, but not limited to programming and T’filah) for themselves, their campers, and their friends!

Throughout the entire summer, under the supervision of the Machon Director, Unit Heads and Department Heads, Machonikim will have the chance to work directly with campers and staff. Machonikim will live together in the Messinger Leadership Center with other participants of the Machon program. Some programming will occur in conjunction with Crane Lake, providing unique cross-training opportunities.

In addition to working with campers, Machonikim will also have the chance to experience every facet of camp’s operations, from specialty program areas to administration, food service, logistics and maintenance. By opening up these other areas of camp to our Machonikim, we are redefining and expanding our traditional counselor-in-training program to become a more holistic leadership development experience for all types of leaders.

Second Session

At the start of second session, Machonikim will transition into their second session “assigned” Internship for the remainder of the summer. They will be placed in specific units and areas in camp based on the needs of camp, performance from first session, unique skill sets, and preferences. They will work directly with campers or with those who help camp operate such as our office staff and logistics team. All Machonikim will be closely supervised and will receive guidance and support from experienced staff members. At Eisner Camp, some Machonikim may move in bunks, depending on the needs of camp. At Crane Lake, all Machonikim will move into bunks second session.

Year Round Jewish Engagement

Seeking to inspire more young Jews to embrace Jewish life as a path to meaning, purpose and joy, Machonikim will also learn about and participate in the Northeast Teen Collective. Throughout the entire summer, they will not only be trained to become camp leaders but will also participate in specific training with a unique focus on personal awareness, self-advocacy, community organizing, peer engagement, and event planning. The Collective leadership training will prepare Machonikim to lead one “Pop-Up” event in their home communities as part of the fabric of this new year-round initiative. A "Pop-Up" event is a fun, local, low-commitment stand-alone or on-going event, created by Machon from Eisner and Crane Lake in their home community.

Important Details

The Machon Summer Leadership Institute runs from June 23-August 13, 2017, and all Machonikim must commit to the full program. Tuition for the 2017 summer Machon program is $3,500 ($3,800 for non-URJ members), which includes all camp-related expenses, special trips, and laundry. We are delighted that we are able to return to the 2015 tuition amount in order to encourage maximum participation. 

At the end of the summer, participants will be given the unique opportunity to continue their leadership development experience by taking on a leadership role in the Northeast Teen Collective.Upon successful completion of the entire program, including running at least one "Pop-Up" event at home, participants will receive a $300 stipend.  When they return to camp as full counselors for the summer of 2018, graduates of the Machon Summer Leadership Institute will receive an increase to the base counselor salary for successfully completing the Machon program.


The application process consists of two parts:

  • Submitting an online application to either Crane Lake Camp or Eisner Camp and paying the $500 program deposit, and
  • Submitting the complete application packet, which must be downloaded from the "Forms & Documents" page of your CampInTouch account (created when you submit the online application). The application packet consists of essays, references and forms.

If you have any questions, please call the Eisner & Crane Lake office at (201) 722-0400 or email us at